Corona is not only affecting your private health and life. Corona als has huge impact on how business processes are organised. Possibly you already found some process issues due to remote working employees. Or less occupation due to lock down measures. To be able to tackle the Corona impact on your business proceses it would be wise to revisit these processes and reorganise them around the new Corona measures like remote working or minimum personal space of 1.5 m. 

Virtual BA is able to reorganise your business process using online workshops and tools, no matter where en when you and your colleagues are working. 

The Online Business Process Reorganization provides: 

  • Business proces map
  • Business process issue identification
  • Business process improvement identification
  • Overview of possible solutions. 
  • Implementation Plan.

Virtual BA can provide implementation guidance.

Business Process Optimisation Examples





Technology Improvements

Technological Optimisation is often about introducing specific online / software functionalities or changing existing systems so Business processes can be reorganised

  • Digital signatures – so you won’t need to walk around with physical documents. 
  • Online registration service  – so you don’t need to have personal contact. 
  • Data Analytics – so you are able to predict customer needs and act accordingly. 
    Organizational Improvements

    Organizational Improvements are about: 

    • Combine or split tasks to reduce the amount of personal contact. 
    • Rearrage taks over multiple locations.
    • Create batches or stock so colleagues can work independently
    • Share expectations and constraints and act accordingly. 
    Smart tools

    Sometimes it is easier to use an online tool or app then a complete implementation of new business software or system integration. 


    • Zapier – for easy integration between multiple systems. 
    • IFTT – for creation smart functionality using your phone
    • MS Excel – for smart data processing. 
    • MS Office 365 – to be able to collaborate online
    • Google Drive –  Like Office 365 , with better google integration. 

    About Business Process Optimisation





    Digitale Intake using Skype of Hangouts
    Online Stakeholder / Deelnemer Analysis
    Online proces mapping
    Online process issue identification.
    Online solution identification
    Online implementation plan
    Supplier Selection
    Additional Online Workshops
    Implementation Support

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